Weekly Spread: St Patrick’s Day theme


This week, in honour of St Patrick’s Day, I decided to decorate with a green and gold theme. I love St Patrick’s Day. Its a week before my birthday and I used to consider it my “warm up!” Now I don’t go out drinking often but I still like wearing green and I usually use the day as an excuse to wear green eyeshadow.

Theres no weekly kit this week; I’m using Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI) stickers, predominantly from the colour story value pack. The full boxes don’t exactly cover all of the box in my Happy Planner as I have one with thin dividing lines between the sections. This doesn’t bother me as I usually have washi tape to fill in the gaps. Also when I first started decorative planning in my first Happy Planner, most kits were in Erin Condren size and then shops started modifying them for Happy Planners later. This week as I’m not using any washi there were gaps at the top of the full boxes. I used some motivational banners to cover the gaps. I’m expecting the week to be challenging as I’m going back to work after 2 months off sick, so I wanted my planner to be especially encouraging and motivational this week.

I thought I would try something different this week and I added the MAMBI square boxes for important notes and some more little banners as headers  I also used two weekend banners, one white and gold and one green.

For St Patrick’s Day I had these stickers from Bits of Stationery which Rachel kindly sent me as a freebie when I placed an order. I used the pay day sticker from the previous week’s kit by All Things Paper UK as the colour matched and I only have one pay day each month. (I’m super jealous of you planner babes who get paid more often!)

I don’t usually have countdown stickers in my planner but this week I have two countdowns going on. I have the Hello Petite Paper stickers to countdown to my birthday and Thumbelina Print stickers to countdown to my holiday.

Some stickers I use often are the Stick With Me Shop stickers to track my weekly habits and the scales from her shop to track my weight. I used a recycling day sticker and steps trackers from The Plump Planner and 5 a day and hydrate stickers from The Library Designs. I added a meal prep sticker from Chocho and Mimi as I know I’ll be doing meal prep on Sunday. I’ll be adding more functional stickers and notes throughout my week; stayed tuned for a blog post on how I use functional stickers as a reward for doing a task rather than an instruction to do it later this week.

What do you think of my spread? Have you done a green theme for St Patrick’s Day? I’d love to see it if so or if you’re doing something else this week please show me. I’m pleased with how this week turned out although it’s a bit different to my usual style.

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