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Hello all. Today I’m sharing my current weekly spread. I’m hoping to do a regular feature on a Sunday sharing the upcoming week’s spread so stay tuned to see my green and gold St Patrick’s Day spread tomorrow.

I also intend to do my memory planning for the week on a Sunday to share here on the Monday. Then throughout the week I’m going to upload a blog entry or two on something else.

So let me first start by saying this blog post isn’t sponsored by anyone. This week I used the XOXO kit from my friend Sarah’s shop All Things Paper UK. I met Sarah at the UKPA Big Meet last year in Birmingham we stayed in the sameness hotel and sat at the same table nad Sarah kindly brought along some samples for everyone on the table. This is my first purchase from her and I love the colours.

I normally like to mathc my functional stickers to my weekly theme but theme but I don’t stress about it tooo much, but this week I really wanted to match them. I like to use functional stickers for appointments and plans I’ve made with other people. I also like to use chore stickers, but I prefer to give myself the sticker after I’ve done the chore as a reward for doing it, rather than feeling like the chore should be done on a particular week day. I find it more motivating this way. I’m going to go into more detail about this in a blog post next week so stay tuned.

Most of this week’s stickers came from All Things Paper UK in the kit. The scales, eat clean, quote and steps stickers are from Me and My Big Ideas. The birthday countdown stickers are from Hello Petite Paper. The 5 a day and hydrate stickers are from The Library Designs. The wheely bin is from The Plump Planner and the meal prep sticker is from Chocho and Mimi.

I’ve also recently started highlighting the current week in the calendar in the top left of the spread. I used to ignore it or cover it but now I like how it looks highlighted in a¬†complimentary colour. My only bug bear is that the calendar view starts the week on a Sunday not a Monday!

So, what do you think? Do I do anything differently to you? Have I given you any ideas? Please comment below and let me know what you think.

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