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Hello! My name is Katie and I’ve decided to start this blog to share my thoughts on self improvement in the hope it will be useful to you. You can learn what worked for me, avoid what didn’t and be motivated to be your best self. At the very least, I hope my blog will entertain you.

I’ve been interested in self improvement as long as I remember. I love reading self-help books. I devour blogs with information on how to improve, whether that’s improving my diet, my finances, or even my make-up! I love learning. I don’t watch much TV but I love watching YouTube videos and picking up advice and tips on how I can do everyday things a bit better.

In my journey on ElectricGlitter I hope to become better and I hope to help you become better too. It’s a constant strive for progress. I know I’ll never be perfect, but I’m aiming for continuous improvement. Thak you for coming along on this journey with me.

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