How I Memory Plan

Hello all,

Today I’m sharing how I Memory Plan. It’s 1st January 2018 and I think a lot of you will want to start memory planning. I’ve been doing this for a year now. Louise asked me to do a Memory Planning tutorial for her group SMASH*ing, Scrapbook, Planners & Paper & ALL Craft Fanatics! and I’m honoured to do the first tutorial of the year. There’ll be weekly tutorials by different contributors and I’ll be doing another one in late March.

I use a Big Happy Planner to Memory Plan in and I use a Polaroid zip printer to print my pictures. The pictures fit exactly in the boxes of the planner and it’s so fast to print them. Also the pictures have a peel off back then you can stick them straight in so there’s no need for glue. The downsides are the printing quality isn’t great and it works out to be quite expensive.

First of all I print my pictures then I lay them down on the page where I think I’d like them to go. I try to keep them on the day they’re from and I try to get a good balance of photos and empty spaces.


After I’ve got them how I want them I stick them down. Then I go in with stickers to fill in the spaces. When sticking them down see how I changed my mind about the quote photo? I had originally meant to put it in the sidebar, but whilst sticking the pictures down I decided to move it to the top box on Monday

Often I use full boxes at this stage, and if I do I try and get a nice mix of empty boxes I can journal in and decorative boxes to fill up the space and look pretty.  Today I decided to do something different and use some Me and My Big Ideas seasonal stickers as lots of my photos this week are festive. I used stickers from the seasonal sticker pack, teacher seasonal sticker pack, and happy memory keeping seasonal pack.

I decorated the top and bottom of the sidebar.  I filled the box on the bottom of Wednesday with a quote sticker and some festive stickers as I knew I wouldn’t have enough to write about Wednesday to take up 2 boxes. The other boxes I added a few stickers but kept room for writing. Sometimes I write first then add stickers around my writing but I can normally judge how much room I need to write about each day now, so I sometimes put stickers down first as I like the way it looks when the writing wraps around them.

Next it’s time for writing! In my scrapbooks I didn’t use much of my handwriting in my memory planner I write every week. Memory planning seems more informal than traditional scrapbooking, in my opinion, and the handwriting adds another personal touch. I don’t overthink it and just write, otherwise I stress too much about being perfect. I’m a pretty good speller but I did miss the first L out of “candlelight” in the side bar so added it in. It does a look a little messy, but the missing letter would have bothered me more. If you’re not confident with your writing you could try writing out what you want to say on scrap paper first but I don’t think that’s necessary. One of the things I like most about memory planning is it’s helping me let go of my perfectionism. One of the reasons I stopped scrapbooking was I was getting too obsessed with making everything look “perfect” which meant I was over self-critical and it stressed me out.

After I finished writing I go back in with a few smaller decorative stickers to fill in any gaps, such as the bottom box on Sunday where I’d written enough and had some room spare.

So here’s a close up of my finished pages. What do you think? Will you be Memory Planning in 2018? If so I’d love to see your layouts. If you do it already does your process follow the same flow as mine, or does it differ? Rermember, there’s no right and wrong way when it comes to Memory Planning. You can do it how you like; my suggestions are just ideas to get you going if you’d like to try and aren’t sure where to start, but feel free to do things your way.


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