How to Spend More Time Doing What You Love

I’ve been reducing the amount of time I spend frivolously online recently and I’ve implemented a number of strategies to help me.

1. No online games before work. I used to play them whilst drinking my coffee but I’d find it hard to stop and move on to something else. Now I will do this on holiday (vacation) and weekends, but on work days I won’t play games then, only check Facebook, emails, Instagram, or the news and weather whilst having my morning coffee.

2. After 7pm is my time. Any chores or goals for the day must be accomplished before this. This way it stops me procrastinating on my chores and have them hanging over my head all evening. It means I enjoy my leisure time more. Also the chores I have planned rarely take me till 7pm. I’m usually finished before than and can move on to “me time” early.

3. I have an alarm set for 8pm and I’ve designated 8pm to 9pm as crafting hour. at 8pm I’ll stop what I’m doing and go craft. If I’m out or busy doing something else enjoyable that’s ok, but if I’m just mindlessly flicking through Facebook or crushing candies then it reminds me to move on and do something else that I enjoy more.

i mentioned these strategies the other day to my therapist and she mentioned it might be useful for me to have them written down to refer to and I thought someone else may benefit from them too. I also read a blog article from Laura Vanderkam What I learned from reading an 1124 page book which she asks for ways to limit online distractions so I suggested my tips and thought I should be sharing them on my blog too.

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